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Let’s Not Forget Who the Real Bullies in Michigan Are

Update, 3:41pm: Some people believe the video linked to below was staged.

Update, 3:54pm: I don’t think this was staged. 

Predictably, right wing lap dogs are very busy on Twitter today labeling union protestors as “thugs,” “mobs,” and “goons.” The idea, of course, is to deflect attention away from the injustice being perpetrated on them and paint unionists as irrational bullies. As I write this, the right-wing propagandists over at Americans for Prosperity (AFP) are feverishly retweeting a video showing union supporters that use the word “fuck” and proceed to pull down a tent that supposedly belonged to AFP.

Well, guess what? When you threaten millions of people economically, things tend to get a little overheated. America itself was born from the crucible of a violent revolution started because colonists felt they were getting the shaft from the governing overlords. What the protestors in Michigan are doing is not only a natural reaction to an unprovoked attacked, it’s downright American.

Furthermore, people don’t take to the streets because they are bullies; they take to the streets because they are largely powerless and are ready to try anything to put a stop the bullshit being inflicted upon them by the people who do have power. And, yes, when you get a lot of pissed off people in the streets, sometimes a little hell breaks loose.

And so, to all my right wing friends out there, I deliver a special warning near and dear to your own hearts: DON’T TREAD ON US!