by Steve Dondley

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Diary entry for 2020-07-13

  • learning how to use the vimwiki diary effectively with new Jekyll site
    • Currently wondering why they call it “Jekyll”
  • Need to figure out a good way to delete unwanted notes
    • currently have to manually delete md files from wiki and corresponding md files in my Jekyll site’s _notes folder
    • easiest solution is probably to put it in the glue perl script, markdown_to_note
  • Also need to modify markdown_to_note file determine if a note is a diary entry
  • Made a bunch of notes. So far I’m loving this new setup and integration with vimwiki. I think I have a solution for maintaining a site that I finally enjoy working with.
  • Watched a ZETTELKASTEN video:
  • turned on spell check for vimwiki
    • added setlocal spell to vimwiki file
  • took cousin to Boston for appt.
    • went to Max’s Tavern afterward
  • came home, took a very long nap 😁
  • picked up first Twitter follower on my new account
  • vim is once again very slow to scroll in a perl file of modest size.
    • Seems like nested braces are what do it?
    • disabling syntax highlighting doesn’t help
    • :set ttyfast doesn’t help
    • :set lazyredraw doesn’t help
    • in a separate window outside of tmux it is very fast
      • something to do with tmux?
    • Opening in new tmux window does not help
    • Seem restarting tmux does the trick
      • also turned off opacity

Notable news

  • It’s unbelievable that Trump admin is attacking Fauci. Criminal.
  • Tucker Carlson goes on a “trout fishing” vacation after head writer is exposed as vile racist
  • COVID still raging in southern states
  • All kinds of other Trump nuttiness, as usual

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