by Steve Dondley



These notes are just that: notes. They aren’t polished or comprehensive but serve more like memory jogs. I’m sharing my notes because a) they can give anyone who cares a good sense of what’s on my mind and what I do, b) they might be useful to others, and c) I want be more diligent about keeping notes and making them public may help motivate me, and d) I want to find a good recipe for digitial gardening that others may find useful (my son, for example). So this is a way for me to experiment. We’ll see how it goes.

Anyway, here are some notes on my notes:

  • The long bullet list of links below is a pile of notes, listed in alphabetical order.
  • The notes are a mix of diary entries and wiki entries about various topics (mostly geared toward my current primary interests of programming, automation, and other technical matters).
  • There is currently no way to search or filter the notes
  • However, there are two index pages, one for the diary and one for the wiki. These are good places to start browsing through my notes:

Diary and Wiki Notes

  • Notes marked 🆕 were created within past 48 hours.
  • Notes marked 🆙 were updated within past 48 hours.
  • Notes marked 🏁 are finished notes of high quality.
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