by Steve Dondley



Steve Dondley maintains this blog and digital garden (aka “Notes”). The subject matter is primarily focused on sharing technical knowledge and a futile attempt at returning the favor to all of those who have done the same. I spice it up a bit with commentary on politics, news and other sociological phenomena.

Who is Steve Dondley?

I am the owner and founder of Prometheus Labor Communications, a US Navy submarine veteran and former labor organizer for UFCW Local 1459 in Springfield, MA. I’ve had an early interest in computers and programming since childhood and a fascination with mass communication which I developed during my post secondary education at Grossmont Community College in San Diego and UMass. I combined these passions and began developing websites for labor unions in in the late 90s. I launched my company, Prometheus, in 2005.

I continue to be involved in the labor movement and serve as the Recording Secretary for my labor council in Springfield, MA. I also served a two-year term as a city councilor in the city of Westfield, MA from 2016 to 2018. I am currently focused on the development of the UnionConnect mobile app platform my company developed for labor unions among many other projects.

What’s the significance of the pictures at the top of each page?

This website theme I shamelessly ripped off used photos and I wanted to use my own. They are mostly photos I took while on a family vacation in Europe. We went to quite a few museums so many of them are art-focused. If there’s any significance to them other than being eye-catching, it’s that not only is art an expression of life but life itself should be lived as art.

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