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Diary entry for 2020-07-14

  • New diary entry. Testing.
  • Testing of diary index automatic generation with vimwiki
    • Seems to work weirdly
      • When you open diary index, it just creates a brand new index at bottom of the diary index document instead of replacing it.
      • This has possibly been resolved by providing a different default header for the diary index page in g:vimwiki_list:
        • let wiki_1.diary_header = 'Diary Index'
  • vimwiki links in diary link to files in diary subfolder by default.
    • Not ideal.
    • Possible to change this behavior?
    • Looking at vimwiki documentation
      • Looks like diary_rel_path will do the trick
      • can also change diary_header
        • defaults to “Diary”
          • needed: “Diary Index”
    • RESOLVED: diary entries are no long created in own subdirectory
  • refactored and improved markdown_to_note code
  • improved the mappings for adding links from open Safari browser tab into vim
  • Wondering if there is a good way to include files in a vim file
    • Idea is that when the file changes, the vim file changes as wall
    • Could possibly be accomplished with [[file://]] and markdown_to_note
  • Transcluded links
    • ![Some image](
  • More subtle fine-tuning of theme and fixing of small bugs to new site
  • Worked some more on notes for vimwiki and tweaked other notes
  • Did a 2 mile run
  • modified analytics include file on Jekyll site so IP addresses were not anonymized in an attempt to allow me to filter out my home IP from Google analytics
    • _includes/analytics.html

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