by Steve Dondley

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Diary entry for 2020-07-15



  • improve navigation between diary entries
    • create links to go back and forth between pages
  • integrate todos with Taskwiki
  • Fix ;gg mapping bugs
    • Looking into intermittent bug that causes markdown links to be placed two lines up
      • inoremap gg [:silent !~/bin/copy_safari_title.osa :let @+ = substitute(@+, '\|', '', 'g')"+pa](/:silent-!~/bin/copy_safari_url.osa-"+pa)
      • could it be occurring when preceding bullet is automated created by vimwiki?
    • Escape parentheses from urls when using

Stuff done

  • researched how to create a template for diary entries
  • see about fixing weird output about ale being disabled when using vimwiki’s :VWS search feature
  • does disabling ale help?
  • was a mis-configured vim configuration in ftplugin/markdown.vim
    • had g:ale_enabled = 0
      • should have been let g:ale_enabled = 0
  • made improvements to how links are automatically inserted into vimwiki
  • fixed broken folding by deleting old nvim views
  • made insertion case insensitive in vimrc (see autocmd file)
  • added background to nav buttons on site

Quick notes

  • ZOMG, got my office chair back. 😁
    • base was broken
    • Got it fixed for $156. A bargain.
    • so much better than the old, stiff office chair I was sitting in
    • life is good again except for the ongoing apocalypse

Rousing reads

Notable news

Totally random but thought-provoking junk

From XY problem - Wikipedia

In 1980’s “Applied Management Science: A Quick and Dirty Approach”,[2] Gene Woolsey described a famous example of solving the wrong problem. Management was concerned about complaints that people had to wait too long for elevators, and so spent a lot of time and money researching how to schedule elevators to reduce the wait times. Woolsey pointed out that they were trying to solve the wrong problem. The real problem was that “people were complaining”. The installation of large mirrors in the lobby gave people something to do, and the complaints were drastically reduced.


  • That language is an instrument of human reason,and not merely a medium for the expression of thought, is a truth generally admitted
    • George Boole

From Quantum computing for the very curious

Mathematics is a process of staring hard enough with enough perseverance at the fog of muddle and confusion to eventually break through to improved clarity. I’m happy when I can admit, at least to myself, that my thinking is muddled, and I try to overcome the embarrassment that I might reveal ignorance or confusion. Over the years, this has helped me develop clarity in some things, but I remain muddled in many others. — William Thurston, Fields-medal winning mathematician

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