by Steve Dondley

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Diary entry for 2020-07-16



Digital gardening

  • Shorten long, “naked” urls
    • use markdown_to_note script
  • Automatically browse to note getting edited in vimwiki
    • would be amazing if vim opened file based on which url was open in browser
    • ideally whenever a note opened
    • happy with when saved

Stuff done

  • added “new” bullet to note listing
    • shows if content is less than 48 hours old
  • added markers for note listing on site
    • displayed for new, updated and finished notes
  • fixed a bug in vim configuration preventing generation of all notes
  • wrote a map, <leader>gv to browse to page open in vim
  • discovered that automatic browsing is too slow
    • so I came up with a good compromise solution:
      • <leader><cr> will refresh the browser after link is opened
  • wrote a map and function to load vim file that is open in browser
  • found a way to delete Jekyll note when corresponding vimwiki note no longer exists
    • done by hacking vimwiki customizations branch
  • fixed bug in custom bash functions for git
    • was not handling spaces well

Quick notes

  • Started reading Mary Trump’s book, “Too Much and Never Enough”
  • 50 day streak on Apple watch ring closing going.
    • Move goal currently set to 850 calories per day

Rousing reads

Notable news

  • Trump gave another rambling, nutty speech on White House lawn. God help us.
    • How the hell does he get away with giving a campaign speech at the White House?
      • Similarly, how does he get away with promoting Goya products from the desk of the resolute?
      • I’m sickened by what’s happened to the United States.

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