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Keeping a diary in vimwiki


Default Mappings

  • <Leader>w<Leader>w create new note for today
  • <Leader>w<Leader>i generates a diary index

vimwiki help (from :h vimwiki)

The diary helps you make daily notes. You can easily add information into Vimwiki that should be sorted out later. Just hit ww to create a new note for today with a name based on the current date.

To generate the diary section with all available links one can use |:VimwikiDiaryGenerateLinks| or <Leader>w<Leader>i .

Note: it works only for diary index file.

Example of diary section: > = Diary =

== 2011 ==

=== December ===
    * [[2011-12-09]]
    * [[2011-12-08]]

See g:vimwiki_diary_months if you would like to rename months.

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