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Notes on "Laura Ingraham's Descent Into Despair" Atlantic article


Interesting facts

  • Ingraham was featured as one of the featured conservatives on 1995 New York Times Magazine cover

Juicy excerpts

  • The America of the present, as she sees it, is a dark, nightmarish place where God speaks to only a tiny number of people; where idealism is dead; where civil war and violence are approaching; where democratically elected politicians are no better than foreign dictators and mass murderers; where the “elite” is wallowing in decadence, disarray, death.
  • If it weren’t for her faith, she said, “I wouldn’t be here . . . I probably wouldn’t be alive.” That was why, she said, she fought to save America from the godless: “If we lose faith in God, as a country—we lose our country.”
    • Yeah, she’s a total kook

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