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Open source screen capture solutions for macOS


I did a little research into open source solutions for doing quick screen captures for my notes.

My requirements

  • Should be able to show key presses
  • Should be able to produce gifs easily
    • gif are the most portable format, easiest to work with
    • however, they are not ideal for longer videos as they can be much larger than mp4 or webm


Doesn’t macOS already come with good screen capture software?

  • Yes it does
  • However, it doesn’t capture and display key presses, one of my requirements

Open source alternatives?


  • I ended up springing the $35 for Screenflick. Its ease of use is probably worth saving myself the aggravation of using the open source alternatives.
  • I thought about using keycastr on my secondary monitors (I have 3) for now, use the built-in screencast solution on macOS and then hope the developer can fix the bug so I can use it on my main monitor.
    • Decided against it

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