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utf8 characters for bullets

This solution solves the problem when longer bulleted text wrap around on a line and appears below the bullet.

<style> { content: "🆕"; margin-left: -1.5em;}
li.updated:before { content: "🆙"; margin-left: -1.5em; }
li.plain:before { content: "●"; margin-left: -1.2em; margin-right: .3em; } { text-indent: 0 }

<ul style="list-style:none">
<li class="new"><a class="link" href="">Some text</a></li>
<li class="update"><a class="link" href="">Some text</a></li>
<li class="plain"><a class="link" href="">Some text</a></li>

Hat tip to commenter “judyofthewoods” at for this trick.

Fix for bullets appearing at the bottom of an item with an iframe:

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