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Pioneer Valley Labor Assembly Meeting Minutes



Meeting called to order, 5:34pm

How do we see ourselves going forward?

  • Thoughts and prayers given

  • $38,803 on hand at beginning of January
  • As of today, we have $357
  • Pres. Grassetti doesn’t foresee any way to get more money from unions given pandemic
  • Financial report approved
  • People are attending the ALF

Lydia Wood provide a report

Political update

  • 6 candidates endorsed
    • 4 out of 6 won

Ongoing labor struggles

  • Nurses at Noble hospital (MNA)
    • bargaining continues
    • closed ICU
    • company wants to take away sick leave bank
    • nurses facing outbreak of covid
    • have a petition for community support
      • goal is to get 1000 signatures
      • will do a march on the boss
      • Lydia sent link
  • Springfield paraprofessionals
    • trying to get a covid 19 bill of rights
    • trying to get it passed by school committee
    • prioritizes health and safety during pandemic
    • Lydia sent link to document

ALF updates

  • ALF is doing new delegate orientation
    • provides an overview of strategic of ALF
    • Dec. 14th, 5:30, followed by regular delegate meeting
    • Link to document sent

Workers Rights Resource Kit

  • provides a list of resources people can access

Single payer

  • New reps in legislature are for single payer
  • Meeting with Velis is against
  • More meetings coming
  • Doing an educational, link provided in chat

Discussion on “How do we see ourselves moving forward?”

  • Will make endorsements on local races
  • Looking for a political co-director
  • Sharing information between unions
  • Doing collective actions like door knocking
  • COVID awareness as a possibility
    • handbills
    • health and safety training
    • general awareness
  • Reaching out to Georgia voters
    • Mass. AFL-CIO doing phone banking

Update on lawsuit

  • Summary judgment motion made
  • Balance of $19K to lawyers
  • Fundraiser may be needed

Motion to adjourn, 6:13 pm

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