by Steve Dondley

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Author's note: The note below is part of a digital garden. Therefore, it is likely incomplete, inaccurate or both. In other words, it's just like other information sources but perhaps to a higher degree. That said, it may still be worth exploring.

smart 63


Stuff that was changed

  • /etc/hostname
  • /etc/hosts
    • IP Address
    • host for
    • host for IP address
    • change internal ip address
  • /etc/postfix/virtual
    • emptied it out
  • /etc/postfix/
    • change domain name
    • change internal ip address
  • roundcube configuration
    • /opt/bitnami/apps/roundcube/htdocs/configuration/
    • product_name configuration variable
    • s/email.ufcw371/other/ *

existing domains

new domain register this domain

emails for emails

Deadline: October 1 7 emails name change

they like the seiu loyout


tasks | project:prometheus.client.smart63 status:pending

autoconfig todo

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