by Steve Dondley

Super Guide to the split-window tmux Subcommand (and Beyond)


I spent the last few days writing a beginner's guide for tmux users. It currently weighs in at about 22 printed pages.

tmux is a tool mostly used by developers to help them work across several documents at the same time. It's very useful, but hard to master without sinking a lot of time into it.

Technical notes

I wrote it using vim, another power tool developers mostly used for editing software code but it's an excellent editor for any text document. As an experiment, the document is hosted to the public with GitHub's "Gist" service which allows you to easily integrate it with a git repository. This permits me to edit the file locally and when I'm finished making edits, I can push the the document out to the "gist" on GitHub. Since the document is tracked in a git repository, others can "fork" the document and make their own changes it without changing the original. It's similar in concept to Google Docs. It's unlikely, however, anyone would fork this document, but who knows?

My biggest interest in the the gist service is that each document has a javascript snippet for embedding the document on a web page. So as I continue to make changes to the document, the website will be updated as well. Seems like there is some potential for doing some interesting experiments; it could be very useful for live blogging. It seems, in general, GitHub integration with a WordPress site could open up interesting creative possibilities.

Anyway, here is the guide, live from GitHub:

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