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ufcw 371 mail

  • ip address


  • set up elastic ip address
    • done
  • set domain name
    • change postfix
    • change roundcube configuration
    • change /etc//mailname
    • change /etc/hostanme
    • change /etc/hosts
  • set up forwarding emails
  • set up instance
  • get static ip?
  • change hostname
  • figure out ip address
  • figrue out dns
  • figure out mail server name
  • install certificate

  • email - How do I fake an MX record for a domain? - Ask Ubuntu

  • migrate mail from golf to new server
  • do an rsync:
    • sudo rsync -av –rsync-path=”sudo rsync” .
  • mailbox links
    • cur
    • new
    • tmp
    • .Drafts
    • .INBOX.Drafts
    • .INBOX.Sent
    • .INBOX.Trash
    • .Sent
    • .Spam
    • .Trash
  • write script to generate mailbox symlinks and modify permissions

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